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Our Mission

Changing the Way Wholesalers & Investors Grow

Josh and Harlan - Co-Founders

XRev are experts in helping real estate investors, wholesalers and rehabbers understand and leverage digital marketing strategies to truly grow their business. Our passion is helping entrepreneurs and business owners create wildly successful businesses so they can get out of the day to day.

We are committed to ensuring the delivery of exemplary service at cost-effective rates.

Through strategic planning, we can build an online presence and will get your future deals coming to you!

No more cold calling.

No more driving for dollars.

No more mailing post cards.

No more wasting your valuable time.

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We Make it Easy to Find Motivated Sellers & New Cash Buyers

Spending your days writing up mailers, cold calling, driving for dollars, sending emails, searching the MLS, going to auctions etc. is a waste of your valuable time... We all know it... Wouldn’t you rather want to find a hands off approach to finding new highly profitable deals? Book a call with us and we will show you how

Case Studies

Success Stories

XRev did a phenomenal job of helping me market my portfolio. Our team was on a huge time constraint and our current list was no good. I tried out XRev and within just one week, I received over 300 new investor leads and was able to move these properties quickly.

Jason T.

Real Estate Investor, Promptly Properties

I love working with XRev. I have an extensive buyers list and they made sure I was able to have enough properties to market to them. Their methods are something I've never seen before because I have no idea how to run ads online. What I love most is the exclusivity of my area.

Sharon M.

Founder, TJ Property Solutions

Super stoked to work with these guys! I used to buy lists and send direct mail postcards and only get 3 to 4 decent seller leads per month. Now I'm getting 1 to 2 every single day. Highly recommend working with these guys!

Jeremiah F.

Wholesaler, HPF Property Solutions


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